Crack Apples and More

My new little business! I love it, I love treats, so it makes sense! I hope to share my scrumptious homemade (from scratch) caramel apples, and a few other treats, with you. So how did the name Crack Apples come about you ask?…They were affectionately nicknamed that by fun friends at the gym.

I started making caramel apples with a good friend about 3 years ago and in Oct 2020 I decided to do a few batches of them on my own to see how that went. It was tedious, scary & painful, but also wonderful, fun & something I started to really look forward to working on every week. So then my adventure began…to make scrumptious homemade (from scratch) caramel apples to share with my friends and family.

So please take a few seconds and share my little business with your friends and family. Let them know how much you have enjoyed your favorite flavors of Crack Apples and show them where to follow me for updates and where I’ll be next!!!