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Welcome, friend!

We would love to consider showcasing your creative goods at one or more of our upcoming market events. At Vibe Artisan Markets we have curated an inclusive and welcoming community for artists, makers and creatives to call home. It’s a space to network, grow your business and create financial stability.

Here you will find the support of local surrounding community members that are excited to hear your stories, see the passion and soul poured into your pieces and get to know YOU, the artist.

Booth Options + Prices


2024 HOUSTON coming soon!


December 9 & 10
Distribution Hall, 11am–5pm
Indoors 6×6, 1-day: $175
Indoors 6×6, 2-day: $325
Indoor 8×8, 1-day: $190
Indoor 8×8, 2-day: $350
Outdoor 10×10, 1-day: $160
Outdoors 10×10, 2-day: $300
Avg. exhibitor capacity: 210+


December 16 & 17
Fashion Industry Gallery, 11am–5pm
Indoor 6×6, 1-day: $175
Indoor 6×6, 2-days: $325
Indoor 8×8, 1-day: $190
Indoor 8×8, 2-days: $350
Avg. exhibitor capacity: 215+
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Curated vibes.

Christina Terry is an absolute professional and has a true passion when it comes to artists and helping them sell their creations. If you find yourself in a situation like mine please DO NOT hesitate to give it a shot! You will find an instant family! Christina is down to Earth and even coached me on a couple of things over the phone 2 weeks before the show.. Christina is truly Mother Vibe and her mission set me in a new direction, I’m a market seller for life now! All us artists need a Christina in our lives to give us a good creative shove and a big hug! PLEASE APPLY, it’s fun!

Adriana SotoAdriana Soto Designs

Christina who is the owner of VIBE is a superstar host with a relentless work ethic to ensure that all market participants (host, customers, vendors) benefit from a successful event! Our company did over 45 markets in the last few months and there is a clear divide between market organizers who know how to run a successful show and those who don't. We've ruthlessly cut off those who host events that don't serve us and VIBE Artisan Markets has become one of our top choices.

Jordan HoDecluttered

Christina does a fantastic job with these markets and I cannot say enough good things about it! Her markets are my favorite to be a part of by far. I am a vendor in the Austin area and sign up for as many of her Austin markets as I possibly can. From a vendor perspective, the markets are amazing. From a shopper perspective, the markets are amazing! Be sure to come check them out for yourself!

Kirstin Rice2.5 Hearts Bakery

So happy to be part of this wonderful vendor community here at VAM everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other. The locations, organization and turn out are awesome. Thank you Christina for the hard work and organization that you put into the markets! Looking forward to the next market!


Love this organization! I've been on both sides of the market, I am owner of @houseofhnagsphotography & recently was a part of the Valentine’s market in Kingwood where Christina was an awesome host who genuinely cares about all of the small businesses in the markets. She was super sweet & made me feel so welcomed. As a customer of the market I’ve always walked away with so many local creations and met incredible artists. Would recommend being a part of this market if you have a small business & would definitely recommend spending a day at the market. It’s so much fun on both sides!

EmilyHouse of Hangs


Got questions?

What is the application process?

All applications are considered and run through our panel of conservators to make the markets equal, fair and unique with a mix of returning and new vendors per market. 

Once an application is received by our conservatorial team, they will review and make a decision based on many factors.

Applicants will receive an email back with the status of their application whether accepted or not.

Accepted applicants will receive an email back with a form for the event with further information.

Wasn’t selected? Please don’t give up. We always encourage re-submitting for other dates/events of ours!

Is there an application fee?

At the current moment, no.

How long will it take to hear back if I’m approved?

You will receive an email back from our curatorial team within 7 business days with the status of your application.

How do you jury for your markets?

We take pride in the curation of our events and take a non-bias and respectful approach to selecting. The top 3 criteria we look for are:

QUALITY – Products must be handmade and handcrafted using quality materials and practices for a cohesive brand.

PRIDE OF COMPANY – We want to ensure we are filling our events with makers that take pride in what they do. All social media accounts will be reviewed for growth, engagement, following, frequency of posts, etc. Websites will be reviewed to ensure the look and feel matches our brand. The artisans in our community are a reflection of our overall brand and mission. 

INNOVATION – Your products and branding should be unique and differentiate you within the market community. Products should be distinctively yours and offer our audience a new and innovative experience.

What type of vendors do you accept?

Our markets are specifically geared towards the truly handmade and handcrafted artisan. Your work should be designed and handmade by you in a sustainable, thoughtful and quality manor. 

Additionally this means that our markets do not cater to any resale boutiques, resale vintage, trend jewelry and/or MLM businesses like Scentsy, Mary Kay, etc. 

If you work with artisans in another country, we will need a full breakdown of the relationship with the artisans in the country, photos of your visits to this country and videos of the artisans crafting their products. There has to be a monetary benefit for the artisans of the country from your sales.

Refund + Cancellation

All markets are non-refundable and non-transferrable in any circumstance or situation.

Looking for sponsorship or venue hosting opportunities?