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Applications are open!

Thank you for your interest in showcasing your products within our market community! Please take a moment of your time to fill out the info below to apply for the market(s) that interests you.

This is purely an application. Your application will pass through our curatorial team and if selected for the market(s) you are interested in, you will then receive a PDF form and payment information via email.

Our markets are for handmade and handcrafted items such as ceramics, leather work, silversmithing, stained glass, wood work, jewelry, etc.

There are some cases where we allow resale if the seller is connected with artisans in another country. See FAQ

Due to our extensive curatorial process, applicants can expect a 7 business day reply time for all applications submitted online. All details are subject to change. Vibe Artisan Markets does not provide tents, tables or chairs unless otherwise noted on PDF form.

Market Application