Happy Karma Hemp

Welcome to Happy Karma® Hemp. We are the original Austin-based and women-owned CBD company. Every product available through Happy Karma has been proprietarily-formulated after intense research, handcrafted then 528Hz sound & Reiki-infused with love ❤ in Austin, Texas. With the current exception of our Legal THC, do not sell other brands, nor do we ever “white/private label” generic products. This is how we guarantee the very best: Plain and simple 100% organic, and organically-grown/ extracted whole-plant full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) from our farmer friends in Oregon. 

Helping others while giving back to the planet by ethically-sourcing organic, sustainably-grown and cruelty-free ingredients is very important to us. We believe that “We all create Happy Karma by helping others.” Happy Karma goes out in abundance, and returns when and how it is supposed to. That’s the beauty of the cycle. 

It is a pleasure to get to know you and your specific needs. We are honored to be a part of your wellness journey!