Lio Jimenez Creations

As an empty nester, I felt my purpose in life swiftly shift in an instance. Spending decades raising my son, in tandem, I felt pride and pain to see him move on to live his journey. I could not remain suspended in this place. I started designing jewelry and began channeling the care and love I felt for my child into my craft. My designs became my love letters; a way to project my heart to the outside world. The jewelry we wear is an expression. A visual representation of our passions, style and personalities. A piece of our hearts we bravely project to the world. All jewelry tells a story. It could be a dedication to your loved ones, or an occasion to celebrate. No matter the story, you deserve to be charmed, cherished and celebrated. My designs are my love letters to you. To inspire you to love deeply, live with intention and express your passions every day.