Soldiers of Wax

I got into beekeeping for therapeutic purposes and realized quickly the need to continue sharing with others my passion for beekeeping. Beekeeping saved my life in many ways and during that process, I left the corporate world as an Environmental, Health and Safety Manager. I quickly realized I could make a living doing something I loved and used the skills I have learned over my lifetime.

We love sharing with everyone the natural benefits bees can provide from Raw natural honey from around the city of Houston, to the abundant uses of beeswax from Candles, Body balms, Butchers block conditioners and Sunscreens. Our favorite thing to do is utilizing local ingredients to infuse into our honey like Jalapeño, Vanilla, Habaneros, Garlic and our personal favorite Maple Syrup that we wood fire ourselves in Pennsylvania and bring to Texas to infuse with out very own Honey.

Through all that we have expanded to open our first shop offering custom woodware for beekeepers and beekeeping supplies within the city of Houston and services to other beekeepers through honey extractions and more.