Sully + Proper

I’m the sole crafter in my home based workshop, and spend my evenings and weekends making and selling one of a kind and small batch handmade leather goods. Each item is handmade from start to finish. I hand cut, hand punch, and hand sew each piece, one at a time, using old world, basic hand tools. The simplicity and vulnerability of this process exposes the true character of both my skillset and the raw material. Hand sewing gives me a great sense of peace and tranquility, in addition to the added longevity and durability of the items.
My style is utilitarian, rugged, approaching classic, useful, unique and intuitive. I seek to minimize waste, and thus make as few cuts as reasonably possible. You’ll see a lot of raw edges, odd shapes and sections of hides used in my goods that other crafters would deem unusable. Scars, marks, discoloration, holes, brands and the like give pieces even more character, and further emphasizes the uniqueness of items I am fortunate enough to create.
The namesake: Sully is my dog, a 12 year old giant Labradoodle. He’s every bit of the name Sully, and thus, not very proper. His late sister, Zephyr, was VERY proper. And that’s just how a good life is structured: a striking balanced mix of messy and refined.