Whimsy Word Search

My name is Claire, the owner of Whimsy Word Search. I do everything from coming up with the ideas to creating and publishing the books. What gives my story of a strong woman trying to build a business while raising a happy family a twist is that I have a severe physical disability. Our puzzles are a more creative take from the original word searches. Not only can you find the words, but you can also color the letters, as simple or as detailed as your imagination allows. These books can be used strictly for entertainment, a creative tool for learning vocabulary words, or even to help keep the mind sharp and focused.

We currently have several different fonts including Letters, Pictograms, American Sign Language – Finger Spelling, Monsters, and Large Print. With a variety of subjects and skill levels, we have a book for all your educational needs as well as entertainment wishes. I have also recently published my first full-length novel, Pillars. The adventure of a young woman discovering her strength as Magic returns to the modern world. This book is part of a trilogy, following Madeline through her long life as a powerful time lock witch in a wheelchair.