The Bead Project

Based out of Austin, Texas & Pader, Uganda, The Bead Project was the first program started by our parent non-profit, The Women of Pader Uganda. Our brand exists to ignite hope, healing, and empowerment to the women and community of war-torn Northern Uganda.

Following a long and horrific war, The Bead Project originally began in effort to fulfill two needs in Pader: employment and community. For over a decade now, The Bead Project has employed over 400 women making paper and glass bead jewelry and gifts. We blend traditional African crafts with modern trends to create unique and lovely pieces.

100% of our profits help provide more employment, programs, projects, and opportunities for our artisans. Our heart in The Bead Project is to equip women to see their own potential, become business leaders, and ultimately create their own success stories. Each purchase from The Bead Project enables us to continue this mission and bring hope to Pader.